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Main AppScreen - Farmer's Plots


An application for managing the irrigation regime without the need to install hardware in the field in order to make the technology accessible to smallholders farmers.

In this project, I was responsible for the full cycle of the product.

From customer and market research through prototyping and design, including design specification documentation screen flow in Sketch and up to support the development team with pixel-perfect implementation.

#MarketResearch #CustomerResearch #Specifications #Wireframe #Mockups #ScreenFlow #PixelPerfect #CollaboratingWithDevelopers #Sketch #Photoshop #GraphicDesign #MarketingMaterials

Wire Frames process
Plots View
Plot Details
Register - Step 3
Screens Diagram
Screens Design - Plot Details
Screens Design - Weather Information
Screens Design - Alerts & Notifications
Screens Design - Flow
SupPlantME - OnePager
SupPlantME - OnePage 2
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